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'I have trusted Jay's photography with my portfolio updates for years now. Her competence at directing on set and on location is second to none, as is her detailed post production. Whether I am in need of commercial, fashion or close-up beauty images, Jay's creativity and dedication to the shoot guarantees a portfolio of images that agencies and clients find captivating and promotable. She is a photographer I am proud to recommend to other models who are either aspiring into the industry, or are well established and looking for that perfect portfolio package.'  - Jemma Saare Model


"Jay has a fantastic eye for composition and can immediately identify what will make a shot stand out regardless of whether she is shooting a lifestyle, fitness, beauty or a fashion assignment. I have worked with her on a number of occasions and every time she has made me feel comfortable and totally at ease as a model, and this is crucial for me in getting the best results from a shoot. Jay is technically sound on all aspects of photography and lighting arrangement, resulting in consistent work of a high standard. I couldn't recommend Jay enough to anybody looking to shoot a professional portfolio."  - Luke Boyden Model


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