Wedding Questionnaire

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Bride *
Brides Telephone Number *
Brides Telephone Number
Alternative Contact Bride
Alternative Contact Bride
Alternative Contact Number Bride
Alternative Contact Number Bride
Groom *
Grooms Telephone Number *
Grooms Telephone Number
Alternative Contact Number Groom
Alternative Contact Number Groom
Bridal Prep Start Time *
Bridal Prep Start Time
Bridal Prep Finish Time *
Bridal Prep Finish Time
Groom Prep Start Time
Groom Prep Start Time
Groom Prep Finish Time *
Groom Prep Finish Time
Guests Arrival *
Guests Arrival
Grooms Arrival *
Grooms Arrival
Brides Arrival *
Brides Arrival
Ceremony Finish Time *
Ceremony Finish Time
Anything important we should know? What type of ceremony are you having? Are you having readings? Are there any specific restrictions for photography?
If the ceremony is in a different location to the preparations and reception how will you be travelling?
Reception Contact Number *
Reception Contact Number
Welcome Drinks Time
Welcome Drinks Time
If you are having welcome drinks please let us know what time they begin.
Wedding Breakfast Time *
Wedding Breakfast Time
Speeches Time
Speeches Time
Please let us know briefly if you are having speeches how many and an approximate duration.
Cake Cutting Time
Cake Cutting Time
First Dance Time
First Dance Time
What type of evening entertainment are you having and when will it begin?
Are you having additional evening guests? If so please let us know what time they will arrive and how many.
Portraits *
Below is a list of ideas for group shots and portraits. Please let us know which ones are required and if there are any extra requests. Once we have the timings for the day we will work out the best time for these portraits. It is usually before the wedding breakfast. Please keep in mind they can take around 5 minutes each and it is advised you have nominated someone in the wedding party to round up all involved! We will also aim to shoot some with just the bride and groom later in the day.
We do not shoot images whilst you and your guests are eating the wedding breakfast. This is usually the time we take a break for food and download/back up any images if needed. If you are providing us with a meal (that would be greatly appreciated) please let us know and note that our dietary requirements are vegetarian or vegan. Thank you.
Lastly please let us know of any other important information.
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